A Weekend at The Young House

The Young House, a modernist home designed by Hudson Valley architect Kenneth Young, sits serenely atop Mt. Merino, a lush hillside that rolls majestically into the Hudson River. The home’s silvery grey wood siding covers it’s impressive V-form as it points to its spectacular views of the Catskill Mountains. Spending a weekend at the Young House, we experienced the singular story of both the home and the bountiful region it rests in.


The weekend began with our nighttime arrival at the the Young House. Dusk had set in, and the exquisite gloomy colors of the sky were seen through each of the home’s endless river-facing windows.


The next morning, we were woken up by the end-summer sun shining through the wall of master bedroom windows. As intended by the architect, the boundaries between the outside and inside were blurred as the sun rose and light filled each room in the home.

In the spirit of the region, the day began with a leisurely soak in the tub, coffee on the terrace, and a touch of light reading in the cozy home office.


After our quiet morning, we drove into Hudson, only a swift 5 minute drive away. From there, our day progressed from mouth-watering pastries at The Maker Cafe, to window-shopping along the beautiful streets of the vibrant city. Hudson has been a magnet for talented artists, artisans, gallerists, and makers from all over the world, and boasts some of the most unique and fun retail and dining concepts in the region.

The Maker Cafe  in Hudson

The Maker Cafe in Hudson

Upon nearing the top of Hudson’s ‘main drag’, Warren street, we ended up at Hudson’s Saturday Farmer’s Market. Heaps upon heaps of local produce, meats, flowers, and breads served as a reminder that there is no other place like the Hudson Valley when it comes to farm-fresh food.

The afternoon of exploring Hudson’s architecturally rich streets ended at Talbott & Arding, a refined small market filled with seasonal produce, a specially curated selection of cheeses and meats, and all of the necessary ingredients for our dinner at the Young House.

Talbott and Arding  in Hudson
Talbott and Arding  in Hudson

After picking up our ingredients for dinner, we arrived back at the Young House prepared for an evening of swimming, eating on the deck, and the much-anticipated sunset over the Hudson River.

DSC_0536 2.jpg

When the Young House’s architect, Kenneth Young, envisioned his designs, he imagined how the light would fall in every corner of the home, and how open floor plans could encourage our inherently social behaviors. Cooking a simple meal in the Young House, watching the sun lower through the tall windows, casting shadows over the open living space, we discovered that in his design of this home, Kenneth had truly realized his vision of a home dedicated to human functionality and natural beauty.


With our meal of local produce, meats, and cheeses, eaten on the deck of the Young House facing the setting sun over the Hudson River, we found our place of contentment.


The night came to a close with some reading in front of the fireplace, as the house transformed into a cozy perch atop Mt. Merino.

The next morning, we drank our coffee on the deck and planned a day immersed in all the beautiful landscapes that the Hudson Valley has to offer. Breakfast at the Bartlett House in the small town of Ghent, then a bike ride through Art Omi (a sculpture and architecture park and gallery), and finishing with a visit to the Hawthorne Valley farmstore.

Art Omi in Ghent

Art Omi in Ghent

Art Omi in Ghent

Art Omi in Ghent

Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent

Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent

DSC_0446 2.jpg

There was no end to the infinite charm of the region, and the home we had the pleasure to spend the weekend in. Kenneth Young’s architectural legacy is a distinctly Hudson Valley one; the Young House embraces the beauty of each season, lives in harmony with the vision of the Hudson River, and encourages the dweller within it to find serenity and creativity in their natural surroundings.


To wake up every morning facing the most special landscape in upstate New York is the kind of experience that you will find can never be matched.